Sunday, January 9, 2011

Random Order, Aebliskivers

On NE Alberta at 18th, Random Order is the coffee place that has everything: Boozy pies, espresso drinks, vegan, non-gluten, and vegetarian menu offerings, Bailey's Irish Cream, cool music, wi-fi, and accommodating counter-persons. Try the Kentucky Bourbon Pecan Pie, or the Brandied Peach Pie; nice, and with a little glob of whipped cream on the side with your fave espresso -- heaven is pretty close to this.

Last month on Christmas morn it was once again time for making Aebliskivers with friends. For those of you in the know, skip this sentence: Aebliskivers are round Danish pancakes that are cooked in special pans for this purpose.

Our 2nd annual tradition began last year when my friend Pam came over with her 2 aebliskiver pans, lingonberry jam, and ScanFest cookbook. I provided the cardamom, powdered sugar, and all the rest. We had a blast (see photo at left), and resolved to do it again.

This year we had several more people in the kitchen: Pam and I, of course, and also Kelly, and Gritt, who is 100% Danish and is expert at making aebliskivers -- but of course! Here we are, cooking, then sampling:

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