Thursday, April 22, 2010


Broder is a fun place to go for breakfast, if you love all things Scandinavian! It's on SE Clinton, just a block or 2 from the famed intersection of SE 26th & Clinton where the Clinton Street Theater maintains its glory from past and present films and events, including, of course, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Ya gotta go at least once.
But back to Broder. The specials sounded lovely, and not one, but all three of us ordered the eggs breakfast special! It was baked eggs with aged gouda and bacon; walnut toast; and a choice of potato pancake, sauteed greens, or roasted apple (I chose the apple, my friends chose the pot. pancake). I loved the atmosphere -- a pleasing, artful interior with tables not too close together, a grand but not overimposing bar, wood beams and trim all about, and the kitchen was behind the bar at left, while the liquor was shelved on the right, near the picture window. It was somewhat like a small lodge, cozy and warm. I ordered a breve and it came with creamy foam, which I love, so of course I was delighted. I was 1/2 hour early because I forgot we were meeting there at 9:30, so I was right there at 9am when the restaurant opened. There was only a short wait to enter, because I was there 5 mins. before 9, but there were only 2 people at that time. A few minutes later, approx 6 people all showed up, and they kept coming until the place was filled 0n this Saturday morning. It's not a tiny place, but it's a very reasonable size, I think, for what they offer - a medium-size menu in terms of choices, including eats and drinks. The variations are wonderful fun to read, and if you can't find something to drink there, that would in itself be surprising. They have an array of Scandinavian liquors, and espresso drinks, and other choices.
The food came, in all its glory. I'd wondered what baked eggs were like, and I found out that they were great fun. With the addition of the gouda, the bacon, the walnut toast that comes with nearly any breakfast order, and my lovely little baked apple, I was in breakfast heaven. I heard many happy mumblings from my friends, too, and they loved their potato pancakes, as well as all the rest. With the tables filled, and all customers happy, including us, we could eat and talk and have a few laughs, and walk out smiling -- which we did.