Friday, October 8, 2010

Tabla Bistro

Tonight we were in search of dessert, and being near the famous "Restaurant Row" of NE 28th Avenue, we stuck our head into a couple of places --nah, way too crowded -- and with dessert on our minds, who wants to wait an hour just to get in? We wandered into Tabla, a charming bistro with medium-low, pleasant lighting, an interesting dinner menu, and a nice dessert menu. We immediately liked the place. And though it was nearly full, the hostess found us a seat at the counter with a view of the cooks at work. We ordered and sat back to enjoy the "show." We found it interesting simply because we're into food, and we were very quiet and well-behaved while the cooks and servers went about their tasks.

Steve ordered a slice of chevre almond tart, which he liked (I didn't, but that doesn't mean anything except that I'm not into chevre). I ordered the pound cake filled with mascarpone cheese (which I am into), blueberries on top, and a sauce of -- what -- caramel, I believe.

After trading tastes, we ate all of our respective dessert; not that we liked it or anything. Heh heh.

So of course after that I asked for a menu and was given one with the kind offer to take it with me. I of course did so, and no doubt we shall pass that way again.